Contact Support
1. The fastest way to contact our support team is by using the chat box within the bottom right of this page. Our support team will reply to you right away if they are available.
2. You can also contact our support team by sending an email to
3. Another option is to contact us by FB messenger. Please note: This method of communication can take longer, as there is less support staff operating our Facebook Page.
Account Registration Issues
The following information resolves the majority of support tickets connected to account registration. 
1 - Account Registration - Checkout Page Customers
An automated message with register and login links are sent to the email address used during your purchase. Please make sure to check the email address used and also double check your promotional folder and Spam folder
2 - Account Registration - PayPal Customers
An automated message with register links Is sent to the email address connected to the PayPal account that made the transaction. Please be sure to check the email address connected to the PayPal account that made the transaction. 
3 - Account Registration - Incorrect Email Used During Purchase
Our support team has the ability to check if a customer has registered within specific  membership areas. If a customer has not registered within the required membership area, our support team manually send the customer a message within 24 hours of purchase.

If you have not gained access to your membership account and have not received a follow up email from our support team. You may have used an incorrect email address during your purchase. All you need to do is contact our support team and we will send you the required register link.

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